New Release: 'Rivals'

The Noel Brothers have released a new single 'Rivals' to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the passing of Dave Noel, killed in a hit and run on September 9, 2010. Introducing Sam Brady on vocals, 'Rivals' is an epilogue to the album 'Retrophobia' (see below). Rivals was written by Rick Noel, and produced by Todd Barriage.

The song is available in higher fidelity on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc., along with two compilation albums 'Bright Life', and 'Dark Life'.

Sam Brady
sam brady

The Noel Brothers are a Canadian rock band. Formed in 2014, the group consists of Sam Brady (lead vocals), Todd Noel (lead vocals), Rick Noel (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Todd Barriage (drums, guitars, vocals). The sound is eclectic, with a repertoire that encompasses pop rock, industrial rock, theatrica, and alternative.

The band was assembled in order to record and perform songs written by the eldest brother Dave Noel, a multi-instrumental musician and composer, who was killed in a hit-and-run in the fall of 2010.

Todd Noel | Rick Noel | Todd Barriage

Rick was able to extract some of Dave's music posthumous, and develop a lyrical theme based on his recollections of his older brother's trials and tribulations.

As the project evolved, it incorporated additional songs composed by Rick, resulting in a full-length concept album, entitled 'Retrophobia'. Retrophobia's focus on bullying, betrayal, and bedlam is carried theatrically throughout the work, and is expressed on multiple levels (personal, professional, and political).

Having completed the composing, the brothers teamed up with Todd Barriage, a Canadian producer-musician to co-produce the record. Rick considered Barriage a perfect ('miraculous') addition, owing to Todd's fresh, multi-instrumental talent, creative production techniques, aggressive workflow, and contemporary musical insights.

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